If you’re a creative person you’ll know that there are days when you sit in your desk for hours and hours and nothing meaningful comes out. Here are some things that help me to bring my inspiration back.

  1. Writing down everything you’re thinking about

Our minds never fully turn off.. even when we’re sleeping!  Take advantage of the chaos in your thoughts and write down every single thing flying around in there.  Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense at the moment; your thoughts will start to lead you in a certain direction.  This strategy often helps give me direction during a creative block while deciding on my next design.

2. Read

This is a classic, but totally true. If you don’t feel inspirited today, pick up a good book and the inspiration will come to you. If not, at least you’ll be achieving that New Years resolution you write down every year but never actually do!

3. Watch a documentary

You probably are thinking “I already watch too much Netflix”. That’s probably right. Me too. But in this case, instead of picking something meaningless, watch a documentary about the topic that you have in your head right now (business, studies, children…) and let Netflix gives you another perspective.

4. Take a walk by yourself

When you walk for a while you’re just thinking, without any pressure, without any goals. Your only goal is to get to the other side or the other corner of the street, so it’s the perfect situation to relax your mind and forget about worries.  The quiet moments of a walk can spark the perfect idea in your mind.

5. Do a creative activity that it’s not your field

If you’re a writer, paint. If you’re a painter, play an instrument. Exercise your creativity in a different way and you may find yourself inspired again.

6. Get jealous

Get online and check out some amazing work from other people out there.  Look for the ones that you almost don’t want to watch because it’ll make you too jealous.  Do this long enough and you’ll be filled with drive and ideas to get better and make something cool!

7. Do some handy activity at home

Wash the dishes, iron some shirts, clean the house… something that makes you feel productive but doesn’t require too much thinking. You might find your mind wandering to just the right thoughts.

When we relax our minds and create those moments when we’re not “working”… that’s when the inspiration comes knocking! Then take out your notebook and jot it down!!