I’ll admit it:  I love to procrastinate…  but who doesn’t!

I always find a good excuse: “I just got a great idea for a comic; if I don’t draw it now I’ll forget it”, “ooh, my desk looks super cute with this lighting! I’m going to take a pic and put it on instagram”, “it’s been a while since I’ve checked Dribble; I’m going to see what’s cooking over there”…

Recently, I decided to just stop feeling bad about it.  I have accepted it: I’m going to procrastinate all my life.  So, guilt, “get out of here!”.

All of the things I do when I’m procrastinating are things I LOVE TO DO and they help me improve my career in one way or another, so why stop?

Think of all the things you like to do that could improve your career even just a little bit and make them into your “procrastination activities”.  And if you’re trying to improve your English like me, Netflix counts!